SKU#: Barreto 1324STKH - Hydraulic Track Trencher

Low maintenance and hardworking, track trenchers are reliable in the most difficult conditions. The simple steering, large tracks, and size of this trencher make the operator’s job simple. With accessible yet protected components, maintenance costs are minimal

From soft and sandy to hard as a rock, these trenchers are designed to perform. The track trenchers feature a 7.1” wide track that creates 241 square inches of footprint on each side of the machine. This provides outstanding traction on wet soil, clay, sand, or steep terrain while softening the impact on any existing landscaping. The track absorbs most of the impact caused by rocks, roots, or other obstructions in the soil. Track trenchers feature a weight advantage that improves traction, reduces impact, and provides stability.

The independent floating track system utilizes independent undercarriage idlers that move in response to the terrain. This design keeps a significant portion of the track in contact with the terrain at all times, reducing ground pressure and increasing traction. The movement of the middle and rear idlers act as suspension and smooth the overall movement of the trencher. This provides for a more fluid operation than the traditional track trenchers when working in rough and uneven conditions.

The STK features our Adjustable Trenching Controls (ATC) that use rod linkage instead of cables. The ATC can be positioned to modify the trenching speed of the tracks individually while on the go. By utilizing the individual track controls, the operator has the ability to keep their trench straight when working on uneven terrain.

Trenching: .
Trench Depth - 24",30"
Trench Width - 4" or 6"
Ground Speed Fwd - 210 ft. min.
Ground Speed Rev - 100 ft. min.
Engine: .
Manufacturer - Honda
Model - GX390 OHV
Horsepower - 11.7
Tracks: .
Track Width - 7.12"
Total Ground Contact - 262 sq. In.
Dimensions: .
Width - 33.25"
Height - 52.5"
Length - 84"
Weight 1,085 lbs.

Machine - 1 Year
Engine - Manufacturer's Warranty

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