SKU#: Allmand MP 25 - 25kW Towable Diesel Generator

Maximize the power of your job site with the Maxi-Power™ Mobile Generator. This generator comes equipped with a heavy-duty, oversized alternator equipped for starting any motor size needed. With a frequency switch for flexibility of job site power needs, 15" tires for longer wear and greater towing capabilities, this generator will last and deliver the power you need to get the job done.

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Heavy duty, over-sized alternator with separate excitation winding... provides larger capacity to more easily start larger motors with variable loads.
Switchable Frequency 60 Hz (50 Hz)
Voltage single phase - switchable 120V / 240V / 277V
Voltage three phase - switchable 208V / 240V / 416V / 480V
Oversized electrical lugs.
Programmable Start / Stop for standby operations
Sound attenuated with airflow design for quiet operation.
Dual fuel filter system with acrylic filter hoursing which removes contaminants to provide enchance protection for longer engine life.
Electric fuel primer and air-bleed pump.
High capacity, cold start battery supplies increased cranking amps for easier starting in all climate conditions.
Large capacity fuel tank.
Fluid containment system and double-wall single-cell metal fuel tank holds up to 110% of all on-board fluids.
Curbside fluid maintenance.
DOT compliant 49CFR trailer with surge brakes.
Product - 2 years / 2,000 hour limited

Manufacturer / Isuzu 4LE2T
EPA Compliance - Tier 4 Final
Horsepower - 33
Battery - 12 V
Integral Fuel Tank - 52 Gal.
Run Time - 31+
Sound Level@23' No Load - dBA - <63

Standby Power - kVA (kw) - 27.5 (22)
Prime Power - kVA (kw) - 25 (20)
Amperage Single Phase 120V (A) - 60x2
Amperage Single Phase 240V (A) - 60
Amperage Three Phase 208V (A) - 65
Amperage Three Phase 240V (A) - 60
Amperage Three Phase 480V (A) - 30
Voltage Regulation Percentage - .50%
Excitation - Brushless with AVR
Armature Connection Layout - Star with Neutral/Zig/Zag
Insulation - Class F

Dimensions and Weights - Mounted on Trailer
Length - 120"
Width - 61"
Height - 83"
Operating Weight - 2,771 lbs.

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