No other compact tractor can boast the integrated hydraulic mechanical transmission (i-HMT) technology of the Yanmar YT347. The i-HMT creates the standard of operation for more versatile performance. No longer do you have to choose between an efficient, constant speed and flexible operation. With the YT347 and its innovative technology, you get both.

High-Performance Drivetrain...The exclusive i-HMT design efficiently converts horsepower from a 4-cylinder diesel engine into the energy you need to run a wide range of attachments for mowing, plowing, digging, lifting and hauling. The unique transmission lets you choose the right speed for every task and application.

More Benefits...
Low fuel consumption due to transmission efficiency.
Fingertip, clutch-less control of forward/reverse.
Stop the tractor without using the clutch.

Simple but Powerful... Our YT3 Series tractors are designed to make work easier for people of all skill levels. The YT347 includes an auto throttle that enables you to control engine and travel speed with the accelerator/drive pedal. This makes operating the tractor like driving a car or truck with an automatic transmission car. A/B Mode lets you preset your maximum travel speed. An anti-stall feature keeps your engine running when you dig or lift a heavy load. There’s also cruise control to keep you moving efficiently when mowing or traveling for long stretches.

Equipped with a Yanmar-designed YL610 front-end loader, with class-leading lift capacity of 2,500 pounds and an industry-standard, skid-steer-style, quick-attach system for buckets, forks and other loader attachments.

Diesel engine:
Yanmar 4TNV88C Tier 4
4-cylinder, 133.5 cu. in.
Liquid cooled
Naturally aspirated
46 hp
Rated RPM - 2,800
PTO Power at standstill - 36.4 HP
PTO Power at working speed - 39.5 HP

Fuel tank - 12.7 gal

Selectable 2WD/4WD engagement
Mechanical Wet disc brakes
Mid PTO/RPM - 2,103 RPM
Number of ranges - 3
Rear differential lock - Foot pedal engagement
Rear PTO/RPM - 540 RPM
Transmission type - HMT(Integrated Hydro Mechanical Transmission)
Reverser - Power Shift

3-point hitch - Category 1
3-point lift capacity (std.) - 3,659 lbf.
3-point lift capacity at 24” - 3,086 lbf.
4-way loader control valve - Standard
Power steering - Fully Hydraulic
Pump capacity (implement) @ Rated - 10.1 GPM
Pump capacity (steering) @ Rated RPM - 5.7 GPM

YL610 Loader:
Maximum lift height (to bucket pivot pin) - 113”
Dump clearance - 88”
Digging depth at bucket level - 7.5”
Bucket width - 72” (1,829 mm)
Lift capacity at pivot pins - 2,500 lb.
Lift capacity at 500 mm forward of the pivot pins - 1,795 lb.
Breakout force 500 mm forward of the pivot pins - 3,047 lb.
Breakout force at pivot pins - 3,969 lbs.
Raising time to full height w/o load - 4.6 sec.
Lowering time w/o load (power down) - 3.1 sec.
Bucket dumping time - 1.6 sec.
Bucket rollback time - 2.8 sec.
Bucket capacity - 10.9 cu. ft.
Grille guard - Standard

Ground Clearance (with R4 Tires) -12.8”
Overall height (with R4 Tires) - 89.5”
Overall length (with 3PH and R4 Tires) - 130.9”
Weight (with ROPS, R4 Tires, Full Fluid) - 3,880 lbs.
Wheelbase - 75.9”
Width (with R4 Tires) - 70.6”

Tire size:
Ag (R1) - Front - 8”-16”
Ag (R1) - Rear - 14.9”-24”
Industrial (R4) - Front - 10”-16.5”
Industrial (R4) - Rear - 17.5” L-24”
Turf (R3) - Front - 27” x 10.5”-15”
Turf (R3) - Rear - 44” x 18”-20”

Traveling speeds:
Forward (with R1 Tires) 0 - 18 mph
Reverse (with R1 Tires) 0 - 18 mph

Attachments - 1-year limited warranty
Power train (Engine and transmission core components) - 10 years or 3,000 hours
Tractor (Private Individual Usage) - 24 months or 2,000 hours

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