Backed by 40 years experience in the dirt industry, Marty Purcella builds arena drags that create optimal footing for your equine partners to alleviate stress and injuries. Designed with low-cost maintenance in mind, you have the ability to change each worn out/bent tooth yourself cutting out any unnecessary costs. Available for custom order to suit any discipline including reining, roping, barrel racing, jumping, cutting, dressage, racing, and everything in between!

As a horse and arena owner, we know properly caring for your horse and maintaining your arena’s grounds are your top priorities. You want to look professional and succeed; however, you also have a budget. Shouldn’t taking care of your horse and arena be affordable and simple?

Purcella Performance Drags prides itself on its dependable equine equipment and reputation. Because of its high-quality craftsmanship and materials, our equipment lasts longer and saves you money in the long-run. Our specially engineered products are also proven to reduce and help prevent injury in horses. Whether you operate an indoor or outdoor arena, you will find every piece of equipment is designed with safety, performance and ease in mind.

Chain Pull Models and 3-Point Hitch Models Available in 6', 8' and 10' Widths

Purcella Performance Features:
Available in chain pull or 3-point hitch models.
Standard widths - 6', 8', 10'
All welded heavy-duty construction.
Durable Powder Coated finish.
Fully adjustable and replaceable teeth.
Built-in barrel cradle when extra weight is needed.
Custom designs available.

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