SKU#: Billy Goat MV650H - 6.5 hp Lawn & Litter Vacuum

The MV lawn and litter vacuum is ideal for larger properties: commercial lots, leaf clean-up, rental, parks, city streets, school districts or municipal festival clean-up.

The adjustable, remotely controlled intake door opens large enough to inhale leaves five inches deep and closes down to create high lift velocity for removing dense, heavy debris from solid surfaces.
Micro-adjustable height control optimizes performance on turf or hard surfaces.
14" custom wheels help maneuvering in tight spaces and rolling through leaves.
Unique, top-fill design keeps dust out of the operator's face and ensures optimum filling of the bag.
The bag slides out on rails for easy unloading.


Intake Width - 29"
Drive - Push
Impeller - Steel 6 Blade
Impeller Housing - Horizontal Composite
Collection Bag: .
Bag Capacity - 40 Gallons
Bag Construction - Mesh
Bag Loading - Top, Sliding
Engine - Honda
Model - GSV190
H.P. - 6.5
Starting - Recoil
Wheels - 14" x 2.5"
Length - 61.5"
Width - 29"
Height - 47.5"
Weight - Dry 162 lbs.

Commercial - 1 year / Residential - 2 years

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