SKU#: Billy Goat F601S - Wheeled Leaf & Debris Blower

Billy Goat’s F601 Series Force blowers feature the next level of performance and productivity in push blowers. The F601S is ideal for residential or smaller commercial property cleanup.

The F601S produces 2.5 times the air volume of a typical backpack blower to get more work done with less fatigue. At only 76 lbs, the blower easily rolls through the yard.
Patented Aim N Shoot discharge nozzle directs the air flow where you need it most with fingertip control and is lockable for single positions.
Ergonomic, padded handle provides best-in-class comfort and productivity.
Smooth, rounded housing vs. stamped steel eliminates voids for quiet output and maximum performance...won't rust or dent!

Velocity - Under 200 mph
Fan Size / Fan Blades - 16" / 16
Fan Construction - Composite
Discharge - 3.5"
Engine - Subaru EX
Displacement - 169 cc
Rear Wheels - Pneumatic 10" x 3"
Front Wheel - Semi-Pneumatic 8" x 3"
Length - 43.5"
Width - 22"
Height - Housing / Handle - 26" / 45"
Weight - Dry 76 lbs.

Machine - 1 year / Engine - 1 year

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